Perfect World Mayhem Starter Guide

Hello and welcome to Perfect World Mayhem (or PWM for short). Within this guide, you will find all the information you will need in order to get yourself accustomed to our server.

If you have any questions, suggestions, or you would simply like to chat with us, feel free to join our discord server here:

This guide is subject to change at any time as more content will be added to the game.

Hope to see you in-game!



Staff members

Name Role
Aria Developer
Mayen Developer
Saturn Game Master
TheIrene Game Master


Server info

Version 1.5.5
Launch date 2023-05-19
Number of Classes 12
Server rates
Item dropsx2
Quest EXPx3
Quest coinsx1
Server type PvP/PVE (players become white-named at level 30)
Endgame R9R4, R8RR
Removed Starchart system, War Avatar card system, Ultimate skills, Spirit stat, G17 Gear.
Customised content

Cursed Nightscream Island: A PvP public instance where players can farm GSTs, MoGs, Essences, R9 molds and various other items.

Better Packs: more fair rates + Pack Item Recycle system

PvE blessings: In order to make up for the elimination of the Spirit stat in PvE, we have added blessings that add Slaying level to the player. These blessings can be obtained from Twilight Temple materials.

World Bosses: The rewards from World Bosses have been revamped in order to be more challenging and encourage open world PvP.

General farming: Significantly increased the number Primordial Bloods and Vitae points gained per day. Morai skills take less time to farm.


Registering, downloading, and running the game

First of all, you will need Create Game Account a in order to play.

In order to get the client, you will need to download the launcher from the PWMayhem official website or Discord. The download link is in the 'downloads' channel.

Simply download the executable into any folder and run it.

Once the download is complete, simply run the launcher. It will automatically download and update the client into the folder that it is in.

There is a chance that the antivirus software may falsely flag the download as malicious, but it's safe to ignore. It is advised to add it to the antivirus exclusion list

Once that is done, the Play button will become available and you are ready to start the game.


Starting your character

Once you have created a character and logged in, you will spawn into the Celestial Vale. In Heroes' Terrace, at (326, 525), you will notice an NPC, the Gear Provider.

Talk to the NPC, and you will see the following options:

The Starter Goods will open up a shop which will sell the Starter Materials you will need to craft your starter gear, Starter Orbs and Starter Oracles :

Each material is for one set, as described below.

Level 1
Level 50
Level 90

These materials can be used when accessing the Starter Gear option:

Here you can craft your level 1, level 50 and level 90 gear. These sets of gear should be more than enough for any class to face most of the challenges that may come in their way. You do not need to have a crafting skill for these items, and you may retry crafting them as many times as you wish.

The Gear Provider can also be found in West Archosaur at (531, 652).

Once you are done, you are ready to start your adventure.

- The Golden Treasure Chest has had its rewards changed in order to accommodate the server's leveling pace.

- The calendar rewards players with free Teleacoustics, Teleport Stones, Guardian Scrolls (about 10 per week of each), and other useful goodies.



At the beginning, the best way to level up is by doing the quests in the Celestial Vale. This should be a breeze, as the server rate should speed up the process. All quests give 3 times the exp and twice the spirit of their retail counterparts.

The exp rate of all monsters is x5 and Hyper EXP Stones are available on this server.

At level 8, you will receive a free 7m/s mount via quest from the Pet Manager NPC in Heroes' Terrace (327, 529).

At level 10, you will receive a free 4m/s (5m/s when accelerated) flier via quest from Overseer Yen Zutien in Sigil Palace (364, 566 �"12).



The coin reward has been increased on all cultivation quests.

Once you reach Lv100 and acquire "Aware of the Void" or "Aware of Myriad" (Lv89 Cultivation, Sage or Demon); speak with the "Demon Envoy of Justice" or the "Sage Envoy of Justice" to do Mayhem Cultivation (Sage Mayhem and Demon Mayhem) which will grant you a "Celestial Sage" or "Demon Mayhem" upon completion.



As you progress through the game, you may wish to join a guild or create your own and recruit other players. Here, we have adjusted the maximum limit of players that can be in the same guild according to the table below:

Guild levelMax players

This is in order to encourage the formation of multiple guilds in order to make PvP more interesting and competitive. These numbers may be adjusted in the future for balancing purposes.

- Faction Base Quests guild materials, contribution and faction construction points are multiplied by 5.

- Reduced the maximum number of positions.

PositionsMax Allowed

- Territory Wars is a 30 vs 30 battle now.


Custom content

The Pillars of Mayhem

Discover the Pillars of Mayhem, elemental guardians scattered across our realm. Encountering:

The Pillars Of Mayhem

Requirement Objective Reward
Arcane Sky1 to Mirage Sky Wood Mayhem Pillar x4 Celestial Pillar Fragment x15
Mirage Sky 6 to Astral Sky 5 Water Mayhem Pillar x4 Morai Pillar Fragment x15
Astral Sky 6 and above Metal Mayhem Pillar x4 Primal Pillar Fragment x20


The cursed Nightscream Island

When you reach level 100, you can enter the Cursed Nightscream Island. In order to do so, go to West Archosaur, talk to the Nightscream Island Survivor (528, 653), and accept his quest. You can also find this NPC in Dreamweaver Port at (668, 373). You will then be teleported to the island.

This is a public instance with PvP enabled. So, when entering, make sure you are prepared.

Once inside, you will automatically receive a quest.

This island is full of monsters that drop non-tradable Jindan Orbs. It is highly recommended that you tackle this instance with a group of players, as these enemies can pose a challenge even without the added danger of being killed by other players.

The number of drops from each enemy can vary, but, in general, each monster will drop up to 4 Volatile Jindan Orbs per kill.

Once you collect enough Orbs, the quest will auto-complete and convert them into tradable Jindan Orbs. The quest will then be automatically re-taken so you can continue gathering if you wish. The quest will work at most 60 times per day.

If you still have Volatile Jindan Orbs in your inventory, but wish to leave the instance, you have the option to convert them into Jindan Orbs at the NPC near the spawn area.

If you leave the instance with Volatile Jindan Orbs on you, they will disappear from your inventory.

If you die, you will drop Volatile Jindan Orbs, regardless of whether you were killed by a player, or a monster. Guardian Scrolls will not protect you from dropping this item. However, it is advised to have guardian scrolls on you to prevent the loss of other items in PvP.

When you are done, you can leave the instance at any time via the NPC at the spawn point.

Once you have gathered enough Jindan Orbs, you can trade them at the Nightscream Island Survivor for items such as:

The "traditional" methods to farm these items are still present in the game. This comes as a new alternative to obtain them.


Battle Royal Event

Players who meet the requirements can talk to the Battle Royal Master, near any teleport master in Archosaur, to get their Battle Royal pass to participate in the event. where the winner is the last one alive on the map.

- Event Time: Everyday, you can take the quest and enter the Battle Royal map between 18:45 to 18:59, once inside you will be in an area where you cannot move or fight (Safe Zone). at 19:00, everyone will be teleported randomly in the map.

- Requirements:

- Exclusion from the event: you lose the opportunity to win the reward if you die or log off during the event.

- Battle Gear:

- Monsters: Several Monsters spawn in groups to push players toward the center of the map

- Rewards:


Custom Mayhem Packs

The pack item drop rates have been modified so that, on average, players will not need to open as many packs in order to obtain the items they want.

These packs can be obtained by:

Take a look at all the available packs in Perfect World Mayhem, including their quantity, percentages, and contained items, click HERE


Pack Item Recycle System

If you aren't lucky with pack items, then this is for you.

Go to the Blessing Agent (558, 632). You can exchange the pack items for useful items and end-game gear.


Packs Crafting

Zhang The Gambler (528 648), a new NPC who will trade Fortune Coins for Packs:

Fortune Coins can be earned in the Western Archosaur by trading:

Available Packs to craft are:

Take a look at all the available packs in Perfect World Mayhem, including their quantity, percentages, and contained items.


PvE Blessings

The Spirit stat was eliminated from this server aside from spirit potion. Therefore, in order to balance PvE, we have added custom blessings which increase your Slaying Level.

If you go to Emperor Alexander in West Archosaur (525 662) or Kirin Town (380 473, Primal World) and talk to him, you will see the following:

Once you choose the "Legendary Blessing" option, you will be presented with 20 PvE blessings.

In order to be made, these blessings require TT materials and gems that you receive for free as Boundary Level Golden Chest rewards. Each blessing also requires having the previous one made.

Blessing nameSlaying Level
Alexander's Blessing I+9
Alexander's Blessing II+13
Alexander's Blessing III+17
Alexander's Blessing IV+25
Alexander's Blessing V+33
Alexander's Blessing VI+41
Alexander's Blessing VII+53
Alexander's Blessing VIII+65
Alexander's Blessing IX+77
Alexander's Blessing X+93
Alexander's Blessing XI+109
Alexander's Blessing XII+125
Alexander's Blessing XIII+141
Alexander's Blessing XIV+157
Alexander's Blessing XV+173
Alexander's Blessing XVI+189
Alexander's Blessing XVII+205
Alexander's Blessing XVIII+221
Alexander's Blessing XIX+237
Alexander's Blessing XX+269

Players who have obtained Alexander’s Blessing XX can acquire an ‘Alexander's Blessing Token’ from the cleric and stash it on another character within the same account that has achieved Shifting Sky X. This allows them to craft Alexander’s Blessing XX directly without the need for Twilight Temple materials.


Beastmaster Scholars (Venomancer's update)
Venomancer PWI update

Introducing the Beastmaster Scholars Update: Unleash the power of taming and exploration with these expert scholars. Delve into the world of creatures, embark on thrilling adventures, and unlock new possibilities in Perfect World Mayhem.

Venomancers at Lv25+ will receive an exclusive Beast Tamer's Card granting them the power to summon the Beastmaster Scholars, Ivy and Cynthia. These scholars will reward you with 'Tamer Badges' in exchange for the creatures you capture in the world of Mayhem.

  • Baby Hercules Pet Egg
  • Baby Blazing Phoenix Pet Egg
  • Monkey King Pet Egg
  • Harpy Egg
  • Corgi Pet Egg
  • Battlebot Pet Egg
  • Feral Soulstar
  • Cage
The beastmaster Scholars Iby and Cynthia


Phoenix Valley and Sanctum Toad

At Assistant Wang Tsai, you can now trade 100 Lucky Coins for a Phoenix Sanctum Pass. With this product,
An NPC will appear after completing Phoenix Valley LV100+; speak with this NPC to call Sanctum Toad for one Sanctum Pass. killing the Sanctum toad will grant a great amount of Experience Points.

Phoenix Sanctum Pass and Sanctum Pass NPC for v33



Sheomay's Card; allows player to summon Sheomay - she provides several services, such as Storage and Mailbox, this card will be rewarded at Lv10

- Sheomay will disappear after5 minutes.

- Sheomay's Card cooldown: 3 minutes.

- Sheomay's Card costs 5000 coins to summon.

- Sheomay's Card will not work in Cursed Nightscream Island and Battle Royal maps.


Nation Wars
Celestial Tigers
City of Abominations



Dungeons have been revamped in order to make PvE less of a burden while still constituting as viable content for the players.

Flow Silver Palace
Frostcovered Grounds
Cube of Fate
Twilight Temple
Lunar Glade
Warsong City
Valley of Reciprocity
Valley of Reciprocity

You can ride mounts in almost all dungeons.

You can send a carry request anywhere except for TW and PV.


World Bosses

World Bosses have been tweaked in order to make them a challenge once again. Their drop table has been modified: they now give DoD, DoT, Dragon Orbs (5, 6, and 7 Stars) and more.

Their HP has been doubled, they have higher stats and their skills hit harder than their retail counterparts. They also receive the anti-aps buff when they are hit by a melee attack, rendering them un-soloable.

Aggroing a World Boss will trigger a system message.

These changes were made in hopes to make world bosses back into viable endgame content that also encourages PvP.

Mayhem World Bosses loot table:



- The Prestige and Influence awarded by the Morai dailies have been doubled.

- Also, the Order display was fixed in order for the info to be displayed correctly.

- New scrolls that will allow you to trade Morai Skill books:


Mayhem Gift

With the Mayhem Gift quest, players are rewarded for remaining online and have a chance to receive custom Mayhem packs every two hours.

To check packs rates and loot click HERE

Lv89 and below:

Lv90 and above:


Updated Dailies

- This War o' Mine:

- Secret Princess:

- Something in the Snow:

- Heroic Warsong:

- Liu Soo's Plea:

- Raccoon Alliance Pact:

- Rescue the Raccoons:

- Search for Energy:

- Stronghold Assault:

- Bounty Hunter (LV100+):

- Bounty Hunter (LV40 to Lv99):

- Lycaeum of Cultivation: Updated Feral Soul Star reward to match the current server rates


Dungeon Roulette

Players can obtain the Dungeon Roulette, a daily quest that rewards Jindan Orbs, from any bounty hunter. The objective of the quest is to defeat specific bosses in low-level dungeons.

The Dungeon Roulette is comprised of four sub-quests, and the dungeons required to complete each sub-quest vary depending on its level.

Dungeon Roulette sub-questRandom Dungeon 1Random Dungeon 2Random Dungeon 3
Dungeon Roulette IHall of DeceptionGate of DeliriumSecret Frostcover Grounds
Dungeon Roulettet IIHallucinatory TrenchValley of Disaster/td>Wraithgate
Dungeon Roulette IIIEdenBrimstone Pit-
Dungeon Roulette IVWorld Map--



Heavenfall Temple
floor 9floor 18floor 27
Dragon Orb (3 Star)2Dragon Orb (3 Star)2Dragon Orb (4 Star)2
Sky Breeze Essence LV13Sky Breeze Essence LV13Sky Breeze Essence LV13
Jindan Orb16Jindan Orb16Jindan Orb16
Jindan Orb16Jindan Orb16Jindan Orb16
Jindan Orb16Jindan Orb16Jindan Orb16
ancient emblems2ancient emblems2ancient emblems2
Wraith Essences1Wraith Essences1Wraith Essences1
Sealed Wraith Essences1Sealed Wraith Essences1Sealed Wraith Essences1

floor 36floor 45floor 54
Dragon Orb (4 Star)2Dragon Orb (5 Star)2Dragon Orb (5 Star)3
Sky Breeze Essence LV23Sky Breeze Essence LV23Sky Breeze Essence LV23
Jindan Orb32Jindan Orb32Jindan Orb32
Jindan Orb32Jindan Orb32Jindan Orb32
Jindan Orb32Jindan Orb32Jindan Orb32
ancient emblems2ancient emblems2ancient emblems2
Wraith Essences1Wraith Essences1Wraith Essences1
Sealed Wraith Essences1Sealed Wraith Essences1Sealed Wraith Essences1

floor 63floor 72floor 81
Dragon Orb (6 Star)3Dragon Orb (6 Star)3Fearless Blessing10
Sky Breeze Essence LV33Sky Breeze Essence LV33Sky Breeze Essence LV33
Jindan Orb64Jindan Orb64Jindan Orb64
Jindan Orb64Jindan Orb64Jindan Orb64
Jindan Orb64Jindan Orb64Jindan Orb64
ancient emblems2ancient emblems2ancient emblems2
Wraith Essences1Wraith Essences1Wraith Essences1
Sealed Wraith Essences1Sealed Wraith Essences1Sealed Wraith Essences1

floor 90floor 99floor 108
Peerless Blessing10Invincible Blessing10Dragon Orb (7 Star)3
Sky Breeze Essence LV43Sky Breeze Essence LV43Sky Breeze Essence LV43
Jindan Orb128Jindan Orb128Jindan Orb128
Jindan Orb128Jindan Orb128Jindan Orb128
Jindan Orb128Jindan Orb128Jindan Orb128
ancient emblems2ancient emblems2ancient emblems2
Wraith Essences1Wraith Essences1Wraith Essences1
Sealed Wraith Essences1Sealed Wraith Essences1Sealed Wraith Essences1


Event Gold

Event Gold can be earned by doing:


Sage and Demon Skill Books Alternative Method

Sage Skills

Demon Skills


Things worth mentioning


GM hosted events

Hide and Seek Event


Event Details:

Event Rules:



kill the GM Event


Event Details:

Event Rules:



Russian Rouelette Event


Event Details:

Event Rules:



Hack the Chat Room


Event Details:

Event Rules: