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19Th May 2023

What Is A Private Server?

What is a private server?

A game private server is a server established and maintained by players, as opposed to the game's official developers or publishers. By making changes to the game, players can connect to a different server outside of the official one and experience the game in a unique way.

With private servers, players can enjoy the game with custom-made modifications and rules that are not available on the official server. Private servers offer a chance to explore different game modes, maps, and in-game item adjustments that cater to specific preferences.

What does Perfect World Mayhem private server offer?

The Perfect World Mayhem private server offers a unique and exciting gaming experience. One of its standout features is the customized map, Cursed Nightscream Island, which provides an open PVP area to farm Jindan Orbs. These orbs are used to craft several special items, such as General Summer Token, Medal of Glory, Dragon Orbs, and more. In addition to the unique map, the server offers a Blessing System that compensates players in PVE for removing spirit. Plus, there's a Battle Royal event where players can fight for glory, and much more exciting content.

To ensure fair PVP in Battle Royal and Cursed Nightscream Island maps, we provide Custom Mayhem Gear to players upon entrance, which includes Topwear, Legswear, Wristwear, Footwear, belt, and weapon, granting everyone an equal chance to compete.

So what are you waiting for? Join now and experience the mayhem for yourself!

Getting started on the Perfect World Mayhem private server is easy;

simply create an account and download the game client.

Read more details about our server on our Guide

Happy gaming!